We are changing our company into a commercial distributor for large drop shipping orders. Our crystal edge technology screen paints will no longer be sold to customers. 

For more info or where to place an order for our new ALR screen paints company under BLACK SERIES EDITION LLC visit the link below 


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Our new website and new ALR screen paints that let you think way outside the box!


150" 16:9 ADV ALR 38 Black widow screen paint IN THE SNOW!

150" 16:9 ADV ALR 38 Black widow screen paint IN THE SNOW!

GOD IS AMAZING! :) Coming soon to www.crystal-edge-technology-screens.com Email us at immerse4kcinema@outlook.com NAME: ADV ALR 38 Black widow CATEGORY CLASS: Superior Elitist. GAIN: New ADV ALR Black technology gain 38 ADV: Advance. No ambient light controlled environments or dark environments. TYPE OF PRODUCT: Roll on or spray on screen paint please note this is not a physical projection screen but a paint on inside or out projection screen. VIEWING INFO: Screen paint has a 190 degree viewing angle inside or out can be used with UST and Short throw projector's without narrow cone viewing effect. COLOR: Ultra OLED LIKE Black. Not gunmetal or dark grey! OLED LIKE BLACK SCREEN COLOR: Please note this is a extreme black projection screen paint white levels will drop a little but not to the point that the viewing screen is completely unwatchable. Please do not try to compare white levels or any other white surfaces to our black screen paint products. WHITE LEVEL CAPABILITIES: New White levels heightener technology. White Levels heightener technology allowed our ADV ALR 38 Black widow screen paint to be able to pull a higher white level than any other black surface and allows the screen to accept and receive white light proving in our many test demonstrations live on YOUTUBE! This is a customized engineered screen paint product design to be different and more advanced compared to other black screens. PAINT ON : APPLICATIONS INFO: Paint sprayer best recommended by our choice the ( Wagon 250 ) Please note when using paint sprayers please use Safety breathing mask and glasses. One coat no priming need if not a fabric surface. Please note when painting any kind of fabric two coats of primer will be needed to give the surface an even layer surface for using our screen paint products. Best used with an 9' nap roller, for larger screens uses a larger nap paint rollers. DO NOT paint the screen using paint brushes or foam rollers this will damage and mark the screen! Low odor, Low VOC, Eco friendly. 100% water based. DRYING TIME INFO: 30 Minutes with a fan depending on the size of the screen. CLEAN UP: Warm water and mild soaps. PLEASE NOTE! This will not come off clothing when dried! PROPER STORAGE FOR PRODUCTS: This screen paint has a 5 your shelf life if stored and sealed properly Please store room-temperature areas SCREEN SIZES: 48zo Paint a screen size of 100" _ 160" Ratio sizes 16:9, 16:10 , 2.35:1 32zo Paint a screen size of 100" _ 120" Ratio sizes 16:9, 16:10 , 2.35:1 SURFACE APPLICATIONS: Mesh or micro mesh PLEASE NOTE! when spraying mesh or micro mesh or any kind of sound or light acoustic surface sound will no longer transferred through only display! Wood, glass, drywall, PVC, motorized screens and fix frame screens, plexiglass or fiberglass, smooth brick are other sorts of fabric please note when painting fabric 2 coats of primer will be needed to give the surface a even layer surface for using our screen paints. Perfect for upgrading old or new motorized and fix frame projection screens will not crack or peel when in uses. DON NOT USE ON stucco and polyester tarps! Clean up with warm water and mild soaps. BASIC PRODUCT INFO: Resolution capability 720p, 1080p, 4K Front projection only. Perfect for projector mapping applications. Enhances for projector viewing applications for 720p , 1080p and 4K projectors. 4K UHD, HDR and 3D Ready. UST and short throw fully compatible. Note 3000 lumens recommended for best use. Note can be used with projector's as low as 1500 lumens. No high contrast ratio rating needed. No Calibrating. No ambient light controlled environments or dark environments. OUTSIDE HOME THEATERS INFO: Fully weatherproof. Best used outside with 4000 lumens and up Best used in the hours of 6pm - 7pm evening hours. Colors will not fade when exposed to sunlight and outside elements and will not crack or peel in cold or freezing conditions. Do not uses with fake or knockoff projector's. Sorry we only support the projector listed below. ADV Advance. ADV: Color enhancement technology. Produces beautiful rich colors without the need of calibrating your projector. ADV: White levels heightener technology. Darkest blackest screen paint can maintain outstanding white levels without becoming dark ADV: ULTRA Black OLED Like contrast levels. SUMMARY : EZ to paint no pro's needed! Paint just about anything into ultra black ALR OLED Like projection screen without the insane price of one! Add Deeper blacker contrast levels and vivid brilliant beautiful colors to your gaming, movies and everyday TV shows. Fantastic for Visual 3-D effects such as 3D or projector mapping applications and live moving abstract art. The next level in projection home or business theater is here! Sorry launch date is not available at this time 48zo 100" - 160" 16:9 Price $556 32zo 100" - 120" 16:9 Price $312 Free worldwide shipping! KEEP OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDREN AND PETS!