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Truly one of the darkest ultra black screen paint on the market!

New Limitless Black ADV - ALR  F/R 17

Screen paint color extreme deep black
Lumens indoor 3000 Lumens outdoor 3200 and up Note best used in the hours of 6pm -7pm do not use in direct sunlight.

NEW  ADV - ALR technology gain X 17 

Much brighter gain with higher white levels.
100% Color Coding Technology.
Color enhancement technology X 17

Compatible with DLP, LED, LCD, LASER, UST.

Insane ( 3 ) X black levels coding. Amazing white levels and breathtaking brilliant vivid colors coding technology. Resolution compatibility: 4K, 1080p, 720p,


Fully weatherproof for outdoor home cinema.

Apply on application: dark primer 1 coat than spray on our ADV - ALR 17 screen paint. NOTE do not use foam rollers. Drying time with fan 30 minutes. Low odor, low VOC, Eco friendly, priming needed. KEEP OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDREN AND PET!

Surfaces: wood, vinyl, PVC, glass note this is a front projection screen paint, drywall, brick, cement, plexiglass and other plastic, All kinds of fabric PLEASE NOTE! when painting fabric priming the surface two times will be needed. Sheet metal, Do not paint on rough surfaces. Only 1 coat spray on after priming.
NOTE! for rear projection screens transparent surfaces only
Suggested paint sprayer Wagner 250

Screen size: 1 GAL screen size 100" - 195" Ratio 16:9, 16:10 , 2.35:1 


Clean up: Hot water or warm mild soaps only needed.

New color coding technology with color enhancement technology bring new life to old out dated projectors without the need to break the bank on a new projector.


Ez to paint only 1 - 1 coat dark primer +  1 - 2  coats ADV - ALR 17 screen paint.


New  ADV - ALR technology gain X 17  Take in more ambient light inside or out without the worries of a washout or dull picture.
New rear technology for rear projection screen for inside or out.



Before using stir the product and shake well.
Please use painter mask and protective glasses.
Use in a well-ventilated area.


When applying to a wall prime the surface with any form of dark primer or dark paint before spraying on the screen paint.
Best paint sprayer recommend is the Wagner 250 when spray go back and forth across the screen with 1 foot away from the screen.
Drying time with a fan 30 minutes or more depending on the size of the screen. 


When painting a movable surface such as a fix frame projection screen or sheets of wood. Lay flat applied dark primer and 
then spray with our screen paint.

NOTE applying to a transparent surface for rear projection screen no primer is needed.


Clean up with hot - warm water and mild soaps.









1 GAL Limitless black ADV - ALR front & rear 17 screen paint 100" - 195" 16:9


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    Fake or knockoff non name brand projector policy!
    Our screen paints does not support fake or knockoff non name brand projectors due to incorrect or falsified projector specifications. We are not responsible if you choose to purchase our screen paints when buying or owning a fake or knockoff non name brand projector. We strongly advise that you do not buy fake and knock off projectors. We do not support them on any level and they are not compatible with our  screen paints.

    The list below specifies projectors that we do support.
    Sony, Viewsonic, NEC, Acer, Dell
    InFocus, Panasonic, Christie Digital
    Epson, BenQ, Hitachi, Casio, Optoma, Ronco
    Barco, Vivitek, LG, JVC, brookstone, sharp.Philips, UST and long throw.