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NOTE! Contrast black levels are fair and the picture will produce a very good black levels even in a more than fully lit room due to the screen paint ALR technology.


Our new LT ultra grey ALR 15 screen paint was design for customers who want higher white levels without losing their colors and contrast due to the screen paint light color surface.


CLASS: MID Rating performance.

New supreme ALR LT ULTRA GREY 15 roll on or spray on

Screen size 100" - 150" 16:9
NOTE! does not have REAR TECHNOLOGY capabilities front projection ( ONLY )
ALR technology gain X15
Lumens inside 1000 best time of uses 8pm evening hours outside 3200 lumens and up1
NOTE! When used outside or in do not uses in direct sunlight. 
NEW Low lumens enhancement technology.
NEW Pictured performance enhancement technology for 720p and older projectors.
UST compatible.
For dlp, lcd, led, laser,

NOTE non-name brand projectors will work on this screen paint which we do not recommend!
Fully weatherproof for outdoor home theater.
4K, HDR and 3D ready.
Can be painted to any surfaces no priming needed if not applied to Fabrics which need to be prime with two coats to avoid uneven spots in screen.
NOTE not recommended for stucco or any heavy or rough textured walls.
Low odor, Low VOC, ECO friendly , Washes off with just warm water and soap,
EZ Roll on or spray applications
1 Coat paint needed 2 maybe needed depending if the surface has a slick surface such as some pvc.
NOTE! do not use foam paint rollers or paint brushes to paint the screen!


Design to add new life to your old  and new low lumens or high projectors with the ability to produce bright vivid beautiful colors, Pure white levels and Please NOTE! CONTRAST LEVELS ARE RATED AS FAIR But will make your  home theater projection setups look more than amazing. With our new Low lumens enhancement technology combined with our amazing ALR technology gain X 15 
Get the most from your older or newer projectors with our new supreme ALR LT ULTRA GREY 15 screen paint roll on or spray on.









2 QT supreme ALR LT ULTRA GREY 15 screen size 100" - 150" 16:9

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    Work's with non name brand projectors and in which we do not recommend hat you uses!