New ADV - ALR Acoustic signature 19 Phoenix Ultimate Gamer  pre-coated  Blackout cloth 19

Screen size 150" 16:9

Surface display color: Black 

Rear projection work best with UST projector.

Front projection UST and long throw projectors.


Lumens indoor 1000  Lumens 

NEW  ADV - ALR technology gain X 19 

Much brighter gain with higher white levels.
100% Color Coding Technology.
Color enhancement technology X 19

Compatible with DLP, LCD, LASER, UST.

100% true black levels. Amazing white levels and breathtaking brilliant vivid colors coding technology.

Resolution compatibility: 4K, 1080p, 720p,

Stretchable material PLEASE NOTE!  uses on for the size frame that our blackout cloths are design to fix. Example 150" 16:9  screen for a 150 inch blackout cloth.


PLEASE NOTE! not weatherproof for indoor uses only! 

NO painting needed pre-coated with our custom New ADV ALR signature 19 gaming  screen formula. With incredible eye candy colors, snow whites and deep black true contrast levels.

Also not for only gaming perfect for sports, TV shows, Movies amd more.


Wrinkle and increase free and fully acoustic surface  ready for hiding away home theater speakers.

Now you can custom build your professional high performance projection screen without the insane cost of  owning one.






















ADV - ALR Acoustic 19 Phoenix gamer projector screen blackout cloth 150"


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    Fake or knockoff non name brand projector policy!
    Our screen paints does not support fake or knockoff non name brand projectors due to incorrect or falsified projector specifications. We are not responsible if you choose to purchase our screen paints when buying or owning a fake or knockoff non name brand projector. We strongly advise that you do not buy fake and knock off projectors. We do not support them on any level and they are not compatible with our  screen paints.

    The list below specifies projectors that we do support.
    Sony, Viewsonic, NEC, Acer, Dell
    InFocus, Panasonic, Christie Digital
    Epson, BenQ, Hitachi, Casio, Optoma, Ronco
    Barco, Vivitek, LG, JVC, brookstone, sharp.Philips, UST and long throw.